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Colors Using Colors to Enhance Your Decor

I'd be happy to help you choose the colors that best compliment you and your home. When decorating a room, an office or a garden, you will want to choose your color scheme carefully. A good guide line with balancing color is as follows:

~ Use 3 main colors throughout the decor.
~ 60% of one color should be in flooring and walls for a balanced effect.
~ Then use 30% of your secondary color in furniture, pictures and window treatments.
~ Lastly, 10% splash of color added for the dramatic décor is the most influential.
~ The most important color of all is used in the smallest portion.

Color Balancing in Decorating

Since you cannot always afford to change the floors walls and furniture, changing the splash color combinations can change the emotions and spirit emanating from the room. The colors you choose will impact the feelings and emotions associated with the room. They need to vary based on the current colors and your use for the room.

When a person watches the "Home Makeover Shows" they are exposed to the dramatic affect color décor plays in the makeover.  If the right color combinations are chosen the room will energize you and enrich your emotional experience. The colors will draw you in and comfort you when done right.

The dramatic impact if color is a double edge sword. If the wrong colors are chosen it can have the opposite effect, you can feel agitated, uneasy, disconnected in a room. If the color décor is not correctly coordinated to work harmoniously with purpose of the room it can be a net negative so choose wisely.

A Color Balancing Example in Decorating

Here's an example to help you better understand the important use of color in decorating. Let's take the color red because red is a powerful splash color. Red is for passion and excitement, and a little bit goes a long way. When Red is used incorrectly, it can create discomfort and could disturb sleeping patterns.

Every color has a purpose and every room has a purpose, getting the colors right for you in your home will make you feel great. What about blue, green, gold, maroon, yellow, browns and any other color in the spectrum and how will they effect the energy in your home? If you're not feeling great in every room of your home we can help fix that for you.

Times change, people change, room functions change and so your decor colors must adjust too. Maximize the energy in your home by choosing the appropriate colors that meet your needs.Below is a chart to help you in choosing color combinations that work well together. As a professional interior decorator I'd be happy to help you choose the colors that best compliments you and your home.

These colors will enhance the energy and make it a positive change for you.

Yin, Yang Color Chart

1. Mostly yang energy - Fire: Reds, yellows, gold, brick are Yang colors. Using these colors symbolize expansion, burning, heat, and bright light.

2. Both Yin and Yang energy - Earth: Browns, tans, dark yellows are both Yin and Yang. These colors represent practicality, conservationist and sympathy.

3. More Yin energy - Metal:
Gold, silver, pewter, brass, chrome are associated with maturity, contraction, and stability.

4. Mostly Yin energy - Water: Blues, blacks, dark green represent creativity, attractiveness, desire and sensitivity.

5. Mostly Yang energy - Wood: Green, all shades of green represent idealism, competitiveness, compassion and decision making. 



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