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It was my daughters birthday, so I decided to put them all in a small stone box and placed it in my garage which is our knowledge area.  My intention was to help my husband with knowledge to complete every project on a timely manner, give my knowledge to pursue my passion and give my daughter Kassie knowledge to successfully complete her college education. 

- Result is my husband completed one of his complicated project last week and got paid yesterday.  He took three time than what he estimated but I am impressed that he did complete the job.

- I started my new part-time business as QuickBooks software specialist and making time to take my tax training to continue my education.  So for I have one happy customer.

- My daughter was having difficulty with her chemistry classes and she recognized the fact she needs help and connected with a tutor last week.  I was so proud to see her reach out and get help instead of suffering with embarrassment.

Mallika C
Cape Coral

The first time I attended one of Kathy’s Feng Shui classes, Kathy educated about and inspired me to work on the prosperity part of my home which was a mostly-ignored, covered lanai… only servicing as a doggy entrance and exit.   It contained 2 lounge chairs, and was dusty-musty.  Within about a week of attending the class, based on Kathy’s suggestions and tips,  I had completed  a face lift of my Prosperity Lanai.   It was clean, with a bubbling fountain, new seat cushions, plants in green and purple, and a metal sculptured wall hanging.   I had a talk with the gecko family-- as I evicted them with my broom--and told them it was my space now, and they would have to find a new hangout.  I began spending time on my lanai to actively think/speak/feel prosperity.   One week later, I was contacted by someone who owed me $20,000, and she began making long-overdue payments to me at that time!   This is one of about 10 impressive stories about results I’ve had by following Kathy’s Feng Shui advice.     I highly encourage you to attend her classes and…especially to have her come to your home or business for a personalized Feng Shui consultation.  Feng Shui and Kathy Zachmann will be a winning combination for you, too!

Deb M.
Cape Coral, Fl

                         After meeting you at one of your Feng Shui classes, I was inspired by your depth of understanding the principles of this ancient method of decorating.  You were     very professional, clear and supportive when it came to the suggestions of how my living environment could be improved and enjoyed.

        You have helped us in our general and work areas. Overall we are more revitalized and feel like we are living in a home that is harmonious and welcoming. We made specific changes in our Relationship area too and beautifully our relationship has blossomed and flourished. I think the greatest improvement has been in our careers. With the intentional changes we made we have seen a major shift that has included new joint ventures, investments and a dynamic supportive team. 

Cape Coral, Fl

As a single guy moving into a new house, Kathy's experience and expertise with Feng Shui cost effectively filled my home with positive, stylish  vibes. The benefit of having Kathy consult on my home was a peaceful, easy feeling in my abode. My friends and family were impressed with "my" decorating choices.

Mike C.
Fort Myers, Fl

Hi Kathy,

I am really blessed to join your class every month.  I enjoyed your session II and looking forward to your next class.  I will focus on the three prosperity areas you discussed in our class this week.  I was surprised to see the results I got from just focusing on one area.  I can not wait to see what other results I get. I am looking forward to sharing my story with you next month.

God Bless you,
Cape Coral, Florida

Dearest Kathy,

Thank you so much for this Feng Shui Tip!!  I did exactly what you told me to do with the name of the people that were suing me--wrote their name on a piece of paper, wrapped it up in tin foil and threw it in the bottom and as far to the back of the freezer as I could get it!!  AND IT WORKED!!!!!! 

May God bless you again and again all day long for offering so much help to so many people. Especially me as it is SO HELPFUL!!!! 

Sandra C
Cape Coral

Kathy's heart, mind and soul are invested in providing outstanding service to everyone she encounters in her professional endeavors. She is generous, talented and goes beyond the call of duty. ~ August 13, 2009

Kathy helped me organize and decorate portions of my home and ultimately help bring balance to parts of my life. Her sense of spatial harmony and keen decorative eye brought order and a sense of relaxation to a once chaotic setting. It's amazing what a few well-placed shifts in decor can accomplish! ~ September 3,2009

Elizabeth H

Kathy,Interior Design Checklist

I love how you hung the pictures.  BLESS YOU!!!!  I'm anxious to get the other items we discussed put in place also.   Especially like the idea of the plants out front.

Deb M
Cape Coral

Kathy Zachmann