Fort Myers Interior Decorating Services Offered by Kathy Zachmann Feng Shui Designer


What Your Stuff Means

~ Stuff from childhood: reluctance to accept adult responsibilities or inability to resolve childhood traumas. 

~ Clothing in different sizes:  lack of faith in self, and low self esteem.

~ Outdated printed materials (magazines, newspapers, etc): lack of faith in your present situation, not trusting yourself to make good choices in the present. 

~ Items bought but never used: the inability to find your life’s passion. 

~ Excess clothing: a desire for more love in your life. 

~ Books not read in years: ongoing search for life’s meaning.

~ Extra flatware, dishes, glasses, tablecloths, mats, etc: desire to please others. 
Interior Design Checklist

~ Gardening tools, seeds not used or planted: feeling inadequate as a nurtures. 

~ Nuts, bolts, saved building materials–a belief that you still have much to accomplish in life. 

Kathy Zachmann