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Feng Shui Interior Decorating Yin - Yang - Textures, FabricsInterior Design Checklist

Many clients come to me with questions regarding interior decorating and the use of textures. Textures and fabrics offer a great way to enrich one’s environment.

The right combination of fabrics and textures will enhance the mood and feelings associated with the Decor. I had a woman client who spent thousands of dollars for the “Tommy Bahama” look. She began to sense that the color and style were not quite right, putting her off from entertaining guests.

With a few changes of textures, colors and added patterns we turned her place into an Island hideaway with a Key West feel that made entertaining fun and inviting.

Interior Decorating - Texture Chart on Decorating

Yin Textures

Full length drapes
Full pleats or gathers
Swathed Soft, textured, patterned,
  lace or embroidered fabrics
Two or more colors in print
Tie backs or tassel fringe
Cornice boards/valances
Wooden or ornate pole
Pale cream, blue, or green

Yin Flooring

Carpets Rush or Jute matting
Some hard woods
Laminate flooring
Yang Textures

Just covering the window
Straight, flat, and less gathers
Tab drapes with few pleats
Shiny, smooth and plain fabrics
Solid color
No valance
No tie backs
Plain, simple and metal pole
Straight, clean edges
Bright yellow, red or orange

Yang Flooring:

Slate or granite
Ceramic tile


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