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Kathy Zachmann Feng Shui DesignerWhat brought you to this website? Are you looking to make a change ... perhaps you have an interest in decorating or redecorating your home or office? … Whatever your reason for being here I believe you are in the right place.

My name is Kathy Zachmann and my desire is to help you feel right about changing your environment, by helping you achieve positive change at home or at the office by leveraging the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui.

Since 1984 I have been in the interior decorating business - I am your “go-to-gal” .... I have decorated and re-decorated everything from a single room apartment at a homeless shelter to a 4 million dollar beach front home in Naples and everything in-between. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer here for information or a person who wants someone else to handle everything for you I am here to offer my help.

The way to proceed is by plotting out a decorating plan. You want to recreate your home or office environment to reflect your personality, to support your goals and dreams. The Feng Shui objective is to create a feeling, a mood and a level of comfort in your home or office. This is your first step in the direction of Feng Shui interior decorating. .

Interior Decorating Needs to Feel Right to Be Considered Feng Shui Balanced

In order to create the right feel or a mood for your environment, you need to carefully choose the right balance of “Chi’”, (Pronounced Chee) that is Chinese for Energy. The energy you feel within your environment needs to reflect who you are and support your goals and dreams … ”who you want be” as well as “who you are”. Your current home or office decor is a reflection of what you are doing now. Since you currently want a change the current décor some where you are stuck and that’s creating the desire for change.

Perhaps you have always loved the casual look … or that defiantly was not you! Regardless of where we believe our tastes are they are always evolving. When our current décor begins to hinder our growth we begin to feel discomfort in our current environment. We all need to change.

We are always changing but we inherently fight change. This fight begins to create a "Chi block" and this energy block is the source of discomfort. Have you ever remodeled a room and sensed that it just didn't really feel right ... that the energy was wrong? That was what Feng Shui calls a Chi imbalance or a bad energy flow.

More and more you will feel and sense that change requirement until you make the adjustment and begin to feel really good again. What you are feeling and sensing is “Chi” energy. Are you in need of such a change now? Feng Shui design will help bring the changes you desire.

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