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The Define Your Style Check List

Read through the following list and check each item that you prefer most.

Your Preferred Decorating Style

___ A. Elegant Lamps, Queen Anne furniture and a mellow old Oriental rug.

___ B. Comfortable seating with soft light with lots of family pictures and personal mementos.

___ C. Chenille throws on the furniture, greenery - flowers filling every corner, 
           your favorite reading materials within reach.

___ D. Large areas of glass, a few pieces of classic furniture, and a collection 
          of contemporary art.

Your Preferred Colors

___ A. Hunter green, cranberry red, ivory.

___ B. Colonial blue, barn red, pale yellow.

___ C. Lavender, white, pink.

___ D. Off white, black, sienna brown.

Your Preferred Textures

___ A. Plush, smooth silk.

___ B. Soft- to-the touch brushed cotton.

___ C. Floral mini print.

___ D. Woven natural fibers, ethnic textiles.

Which Accessories Best Meet Your Fancy

___ A. Antique wooden bookcase.

___ B. Ceramic pottery.

___ C. White wicker peacock chair.

___ D. Chinese screen.

"Furniture Finishes Preferred" 

___ A. Cherry wood.

___ B. Distressed or painted finishes.

___ C. Mahogany.

___ D. Clear-coated, natural finishes.

"Desired Window Coverings"

___ A. Velvet draperies with deep swags.

___ B. Panted shutters.

___ C. Sheer panels to catch the breeze.

___ D. Roman shades.

"Favorite Dining Room Accessory"

___ A. Mahogany sideboard.

___ B. Pine hutch.

___ C. Silver candelabras.

___ D. Marble-topped table with sculpted base.

"Preferred Headboard"

___ A. Traditional four poster bed.

___ B. Recycled doors/old gate for a headboard.

___ C. Upholstered headboard.

___ D. Sleek metal headboard.

 "Favorite Bedroom Accessory"

___ A. English writing desk.

___ B. Quilt rack.

___ C. Antique basket for your knitting.

___ D. Computer.

"Favorite Bedroom Accessory"

___ A. Classic.

___ B. Charming.

___ C. Pretty.

___ D. Chic.

Total your answers to find what best matches your decorating style.

Personal Style "A"Yourneeds to be taken out, please use the same font size and the same color as Style b,c,d.)

If "A" was your most frequent answer, then your style embraces the Traditional quality of "Timeless Elegance"

Personal Style "B"

If B was your most frequent answer, then your style is Casual or Country, both rustic and sophisticated "Casual Comfort"

Personal Style "C"

If "C" was your most frequent answer, then your style is Victorian one of "Romantic Living"

Personal Style "D"

If "D" was your most frequent answer, then your style is Modern you like "Contemporary Lifestyle"

If your answers were evenly divided between two or more choices, then you are a sophisticated person with an eclectic decor style. You will benefit the most from working with a Professional Decorator to maximize the effectiveness of choosing your favorites from every style!

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